Check out a book I helped make: Lifting the Chaderi: My Life as an Afghan Refugee by Anisa Mahmoud Ulrich is an intimate look into an Afghan woman’s experience as a nurse-midwife who escapes war and an abusive marriage to find her identity and independence in America. Available in paperback and for Kindle on


I occasionally write feature articles for The Richmond Review. I’ve written about San Francisco filmmakers Spencer McCall and Narissa Lee and WW II Japanese internment camp survivors. (The print versions are much prettier, but online versions are here). I also do movie reviews for


I am a Business English Coach and provide in-house, customized English training to executives and employees. I love languages and cultures and have had the privilege of teaching and learning in Japan, Mexico, and Turkey.


I have spoken Spanish for about 20 years and occasionally interpret or translate. In July 2012 I interpreted for America SCORES Bay Area soccer, peace and poetry camp in Las Minas, El Salvador and helped translate interviews from that project for a book on peace studies. I translated the article Homenaje en Vida (May 2012, Panorama Nayarita) about Dr. Uribe, the ex-mayor of San Blas, Mexico. See the English version on this blog, A Living Tribute.


I’m familiar with HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, and Final Cut Pro. I am very interested in producing documentaries. Last year I helped film and edit a short MAFIAD film project, “Hotel Utah”