Woman Wanderer

A French friend of mine has said, “Travel ruins you forever.” It’s true – you are never really the same. “Home” is never the same concept. Even temporary expats can feel like a bicultural child; I often find myself wondering, “Where do I belong?” It all started with a summer studying in Europe, followed by an ESL teaching stint in Japan. After that, the travel bug was fatal. I won a fellowship and went back to Japan to study. After being grounded for several years, I finally got to see the enormous Mexico City, historical London, Gothic Barcelona and later the jungles of Ecuador with my nephew, Jordan. That’s where I first began to think about travel writing. A year in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, with visits to Germany, France and Spain, Bosnia, Albania, Slovenia, Montenegro and the Czech Republic really expanded my understanding of that part of the world. I took over 4000 photos and am doing my best to compile these photos and various stories into a book, which I hope to have finished soon. I hope you enjoy these stories, and I look forward to your comments. Thanks for visiting, and happy travels!