Cacao fruit: Where chocolate comes from.
Cacao fruit: can you believe this is where chocolate comes from?

Top 10 most memorable foods eaten while traveling:

  1. Giant sea snails cooked on a barbecue – we had to use a stick to twirl them out, almost 1 meter in length (Miyazaki, Japan)
  2. Raw horse (Kobe, Japan)
  3. Ants that taste like lemon and *pop* in your mouth (jungle near Tena, Ecuador)
  4. Sour cane (caña agria) that is a remedy for diabetes and dehydration (also in the jungle near Tena, Ecuador
  5. Chicken soup served with the feet in it (Tena, Ecuador)
  6. Cacao  – the chalky, purple seeds taste nothing like the delicious chocolate it eventually becomes (Tena, Ecuador)
  7. Warm, raw milk, straight from the cow (Kızıltepe, Turkey)
  8. Snails again, but this time the small, land version, collected that morning and prepared with lots of butter (Crete, Greece) 
  9. Ouzo – (ούζο) I will never forget the first time I drank Ouzo (Greece, 1989)
  10. Shochu – distilled from sweet potatoes, shochu is another beverage I will never forget and it will never forget me (Miyazaki, Japan 1990)

What have you eaten and lived to tell about it?