Panama was fantastic. But it wasn’t the beach volleyball, the fresh ceviche, the tropical weather, or the Abuelo rum that made the trip special (although all of that helped). It was spending an entire week with extended family and friends. I loved being called “Aunt Lisa” by all of Joe’s buddies, who I’ve known since they were little 10-year-olds. Now they’re almost 30 and really fantastic people. And Billy Frank, Jr.? To have a whole week for long conversations with him was a dream. And to top it all, it was a fantastic wedding. Fireworks and vows…and a great party afterwards, with amazing food, a combination of Carnaval and Cumbia. Congratulations Joe and Joann. I’m so proud of you and all that you did for us. Thank you for the opportunity to be together and for all the fantastic memories we share!